President's message

Namaste, Kia Ora!

I want to express my gratitude to the Nepalese diaspora in New Zealand for providing me with the opportunity to lead the NRNA New Zealand chapter for two years (2021-2023).

NRNA NZ will remain committed to actively promoting Nepalese culture, language, and social values in New Zealand. It will constantly work with all Nepalese organisations in New Zealand to preserve and promote Nepalese interests in NZ. It will help to organise numerous social, cultural, and sporting activities (New Zealand wide competitions).

NRNANZ will continue to promote Nepalese products, services, tourism, and the transfer of skills, information, knowledge, and technology to Nepal and raise funds for relief and charity works in Nepal.

The National Coordination Council will always assert that prior plans and works and any proposed programmes will be carried out for the well-being of Nepalese living in New Zealand.

By collaborating with the Nepalese embassy and other organisations in New Zealand, we shall do our best to assist Nepal and Nepalese. NRNA NZ’s new committee is hoping for everyone’s support in carrying out future programmes. I also request to take NRNA NZ membership if you live anywhere in New Zealand and haven’t done till now.

For further information, you can always visit our website.

Thank you all

Uddhav Prasad Adhikary, JP